Last updated on 23/03/2020 – This FAQ is regularly updated according to current events and the French government’s instructions.


Following the measures taken by the French Government regarding COVID-19, all INSEEC International BBA courses and evaluations have continued without interruption since Monday, March 16th through remote learning and the Online Campus and will remain so until further notice.

You will find below a list of your most Frequently Asked Questions with the associated answers.

  • How do I follow my courses / exams?

The course schedule will be maintained remotely without interruption. For each module, there will be an assignment to be done. Evaluations will take place during a specific time slot (according to the lecturer’s instructions) which will be placed on the Online Campus: and/or through interactions with the professor via Skype/ Zoom / Microsoft Teams.


  • How do I submit work on the Online Campus?

– The professor gives instructions on the space dedicated to his module, according to the day and schedule of the planned course

– The required work must be completed and uploaded within the time limit given by the professor.

– The professor will place corrected work on the same dedicated course space.

– Attendance policy: Work received = present / work not received = absent



  • How do I use Skype/Zoom?

– Plan and/or test 2 days before the course that your sound equipment is of good quality (earphones and especially microphone).

– Do not activate the video (so as not to slow down the transmission).

– Check that the network connection is of a very high quality.

o Opt for WiFi or 4G connection sharing (via phone).

o Choose a place without background noise

– The speaker sends an Outlook/Skype or Teams invitation to the students the day before the course.

– The call is made online by the teachers.


  • I am currently on study abroad as part of an academic exchange, what should I do?

Please contact the pedagogical service for more information.


  • Can foreign students who are on an exchange program with INSEEC BBA return to their home country?

Please contact the pedagogical department for more information.


  • I have registered for the Summer Sessions (London/San Francisco), what should I do?

London :

Session cancelled, the courses will be put online by the London campus.


San Francisco:

Session cancelled, courses will be posted online by the San Francisco campus.


  • I have to do my internship soon and the company still hasn’t contacted me to confirm my arrival.  What should I do?

It is normal with the health crisis we are going through that you may not have received any news yet. Companies have to take exceptional and unprecedented measures.  They have been contacted by the Career Center and will notify you promptly for the validation or termination of your internship agreement.

Contact your Career Center if you still have no news within the next 7 days.


  • What happens during these uncertain time if I can’t find an internship?

If you are unable to find an internship in these exceptional circumstances, the validation procedures for your year will be relaxed. However, we invite you to keep looking! Stay in touch with the Career Center for updated information.


  • Internships abroad that are to start later.  What instructions should I follow ?

Any departure abroad is suspended for the time being, regardless of the country of destination (including Luxembourg and Switzerland).   If teleworking is accepted by the company , it is possible to implement the internship. The internship tutor should be informed in order to arrange the content of the internship accordingly. It is the student’s responsibility to check that he or she has insurance covering him or her at home or at the remote work location.


  • I found my company and my internship agreement has been signed but the company cannot take me on at the moment.

You can ask your host company to postpone your internship dates.


  • I found my company but I have not yet signed my internship agreement.

Contact the company to find out if they still wish to hire you (you can then also agree on a new date).


  • I found my company but haven’t had any news from them recently.

Contact us, we will try to reach them to verify if your internship will be maintained.


  • I still haven’t found a company for my internship.  What should I do?

You will only need to complete 2 months of internship for validation. You can start your internship later (in June for example).

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Questions related to the Career Center service :

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