• 4 Year International Post-Baccalaureate Program

    The INSEEC International BBA is a 100% English-taught Bac+4 program located on 3 campuses in the heart of Paris, London and San Francisco. Partnerships with Emory, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, San Francisco State University…

  • A Well-Balanced Curriculum

    A balanced pedagogy between general culture, ‘soft skills’ and business acumen taught by a multicultural faculty. INSEEC International BBA prepares students for the TOEFL and GMAT examinations as well as admission to university campuses worldwide.

  • The Strength of a Network of References

    Created in 1982, the International BBA is the 4-year post-baccalaureate benchmark programme of INSEEC U. Take advantage of the 40,000 strong alumni network.

100% English-Taught Classes

First-year students study fundamental subjects that consolidate their knowledge of the world and the major economic and social issues.

The 2nd year students begin their learning of the business world and the managerial practices of companies while studying on the London campus;

In 3rd and 4th year, they focus on a “major”, the business concentration which will be at the heart of their first professional experience in a company.

The curriculum aims to take into account the students’ personality and potential in order to guide them towards the professions or careers in which they can best develop.

A Multi-Campus, Multi-Cultural School

The school ensures that each student develops a capacity for openness and for adaptability that is indispensable in a world of perpetual change.

The exchanges with prestigious universities such as Emory (Atlanta), Indiana University of Pennsylvania or San Diego State University and San Francisco State bring the reality of an innovative, dynamic society, rich in contrasting cultures, to life from within.

Stays on the London and San Francisco campuses provide an opportunity to experience Anglo-Saxon culture.

Further Study

For students who do not wish to enter the job market after obtaining their BBA, the school helps to guide them to the Master/Graduate program that suits them.

Master’s programs abound, both in the MSc/MBA programs at INSEEC or at major foreign universities.

The BBA has the advantage of being integrated into the European academic system of the LMD (Bachelor 3 years-Master 2 years-Doctorate 2 years) as well as the International system (BBA 4 years-Master 1 year- PhD 2 years). The BBA degree is recognized by all universities and companies worldwide.